Trip to Morocco 10 days

Day 1: Casablanca

Your driver will be waiting for your trip to morocco at Casablanca airport and take right away to your hotel, in order to have some rest. The welcoming atmosphere at the hotel will be so relaxing for you. Dinner at RICK’s cafe is highly recommended, because of the iconic views of the restaurant from inside. Depending on your arrival time, we will possibly have a discovering walk in Casablanca, and spend the night in Rabat.

Day 2: Casablanca – Meknes – Volubilis – Fez

The tour will start from your hotel at 8:30. We will visit the Hassan second mosque in Casablanca, a special monument that deserves visiting. After that, our journey will continue until we reach the city of MOULAY ISMAIL (Meknes), where we will visit the awesome gate of BAB ALMANSOUR.

Note that the palace and its large ramparts took 50 year to be completed; however, there is not much more remaining part of the palace and the ramparts. Subsequently the tour will carry on and we will walk across the old surrounding wall until we get to the AGDAL basin that used to water the royal gardens, and the Sultan massive stable with its 12000 horses.

During your tour in Meknes, you will also have the chance to visit the Mosque of Moulay Ismail, an impressive structure in the city. The mosque also contains some tombs of some sultans who ruled morocco before. Our next direction while touring morocco will be the Roman ruins of volubilis, you will also observe the mosaicked work that exists there. At the end of our day, we will travel toward Fez city, and we will spend our night in a hotel there.

Day 3: Fez City Tour

After having breakfast at your hotel, you will directly have a walk discovering the cultural capital, one of the iconic oldest medieval Islamic cities around the world. As you are passing through the historical walls and the gates of the city, you will go back in time with your memory and travel beyond years and years of historical achievements of kings and sultans of different dynasties, that used to rule over Morocco. Fez 8th century, streets have not changed, they still perfectly strong and designed as they used to be before.

The high walls protecting the courtyard from the midday hot sun are also a sign of the unique system of designing that Moroccans used to develop. Al the theosophical colleges, beautiful mosques and the captivating souks revealing their goods onto the pavement are all part of the scene. Your walking tour will cover the most interesting places, like ENEJJARINE workshops.

You can also visit the oldest university in the world, AL Qarawiyyin University; built in 859 AD it is also considered the first scientific institution that established specialized scientific chairs and scientific degrees in the world. As you are walking around the city, you will pass by the merchant’s shop belonging to the 14th century. Finally yet importantly, you will have the chance to have a close look at the Tanneries, where they stain leather in vast striking colored dyes.

Day 4: Fez – Midelt – Merzouga – Erg Chebbi

At the early morning, we will start our tour from Fez to the middle Atlas Mountains. The way from Fez to Midelt and the southern region of morocco will be a long driving car journey, so you can enjoy the diversity of the views that you will perceive while crossing the way, that vary different appearances. During the trip we will pass by the sun baked plains, and the cedar-clad mountains into the deep canyons.

In Azru’s hills, you may see a troop of Barbary apes. Later we will dive into the passing palm groves, and the green oasis of Ziz valley. After that, you will realize the scenery is changing into sandy plains, which inform us that we are on the outskirts of Merzouga dessert. Your stay will be at a hotel built on the edge of the desert dunes.

Day 5: Merzouga – Erg chebbi

Marzouga is a beautiful area coved with golden sands, within Marzouga there is a vast sea sand, which, extends as far as you can see. During our day trip in Marzouga, we will explore the area a little bit in the morning. So that we will visit the ancient city of Risani, which flourished between the 8th century and the 14th century. Moreover, we will visit the small village of Alkhamila in order to watch and listen to the descendants of the black slaves playing the typical local music of the region “Gnawa”.

Immediately after that, we will head toward the vast sandy dunes on a caravan camel board, accompanied by camel expert riders in order not to have any trouble with the camel. You can ride a camel or if you would like you can walk beside the convoy, with the warm sands touching your feet in an atmosphere that is free from anything that might disturb you. Berber guides who know how to deal with camels will led your tour. When we reach our destination, we will spend the night in a nomadic Berber tent.

Day 6: Merzouga – Todra Gorge – Skoura Oasis

At the morning, we will return to Merzouga after having our breakfast under a stunning sunrise over the golden sandy dunes, the return will be on camel backs. Before our departure toward the Todra Gorge, you will have a relaxing shower at your hotel at Merzouga.

Later on, we will travel toward Todra Gorge, the rising 300m rocky hues offer you different charming appearances with the brown and honey colored sheer face that changes with every movement of the sun. In other words, the views of the Todra Gorge in the morning will not be the same as the ones of the afternoon; as a result, you will have several panoramic plots for making memorial pictures. Before heading into our next destination, you will have a 10 minutes legs stretching session to release the tiredness caused by the long time trip in the car.

The journey will continue through the rose valley to the Skoura Oasis. Along the way, you will be lucky to watch many historical Kasbahs made from mud bricks, decorated and designed according to the Sahrawi and desert culture, photographers admire these Kasbahs thanks to the views they provide. During the trip, you will have the chance to discover the Kasbahs from inside by spending your night in an aesthetic Kasbah surrounded by palm trees.

Day 7: Skoura Oasis – Ouarzazatte – AitBenhaddou – Imlil

At the morning, we will travel to Ouarzazatte through which we will pass making our way to the Ksar of AitBenhaddou. It is a well-established fact that ancient Moroccans used to live in high walled collections of Kasbahs usually build on a hill with a river down the hill or next to it, like AitBenhaddou Kasbah. AitBenhaddou is a collection of Kasbahs among the mostly decorated and best-preserved Kasbahs in Morocco. After discovering AitBenhaddou your driver will take you right away from Ouarzazatte in a dramatic car ride through Tizi N Tichka chain.

In your way, you will see a collection of some amazing Berber villages that give an iconic picture of the houses in the slops of Atlas Mountains. The trip will cover a visit to the town of Imlil, a beautiful Berber village, after arriving at the town of Imlil we recommend you to go on a trek discovering the neighboring valleys in which, you will discover the natural views that exist there, as also, you will encounter and meet the friendly local people of the Berber villages. The recommended walking trip will allow you to know more and more about the daily life of the local residents of Imlil and have a close look on their traditions.

Day 8: Imlil – Marrakech

lil – MarrakechAfter having breakfast at Imlil town, your driver will take you immediately into Marrakech; the trip will take you an hour to reach Marrakech. When you arrive at your Riad at Marrakech, you will meet your guide that will help you explore the red city. Marrakech has never fail in pleasing its visitors with its historical charming buildings and monuments that satisfy the curiosity of the people who want to discover Morocco.

Among the available places to visit, we count for Dgama Al Fna Square, the most prominent Minaret in morocco “El Koutoubia Minaret”, the Menara gardens and the Saadian tombs and the Bahia palace. Our tour will cover a digging tour in the historical old city of Marrakech that belongs to the 11th century, while walking in the old city you will have the chance to try the Moroccan food streets.

Day 9: Marrakech City Tour

In this day you can do additional activities if you would like to, such us going on a relaxing Moroccan spa (HAMMAM), or you can even take a cooking class in order to have an idea about the way of making the delicious Moroccan traditional food for example Tagin, Tanjia, Harira, and many other meals. Otherwise, you can go on a trip to the gorgeous city Essaouira if you love to.

Day 10: Marrakech- Casablanca (or Marrakech airport)

Your driver will take you to the airport, the departure of your trip depend on the time of your flight. If your flight is taking place at the airport of Casablanca, please allow 3 hours before departing, in order not to miss your plane, and avoid any delay.

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