Imperial CitiesTour Morocco

This tour of imperial cities enables you to visit the most famous cities, the religious centers and the historical cities that used to be capitals for the different dynasties that ruled over Morocco in the past.

Day 1: Marrakech

After arriving at the international Menara airport, your driver will pick up in an air-conditioned car, and take you to your hotel. The schedule of your day depend on the arriving time. If you arrived early, it means that your Morocco tour will start from Marrakech. Concerning dinner, you will have the dinner meal at the hotel where you will spend your night.

Day 2: Marrakech – Casablanca – Rabat

Your Morocco travelling, journey will start immediately from your Riad. Your driver will take a car-driving journey that will approximately take 3 hours, into Casablanca city. The tour in Casablanca will cover the United Nations building, a walk in the Mohamed V, and a visit to the Anfa district and the Hassan 2nd mosque lunch at Casablanca. After lunch, we will move toward Rabat. Rabat is located 1-hour car driving from Casablanca it was founded by the Phoenicians and the Romans in the 10th century. Since it was founded by the Romans, Rabat does have some ruins (Challah Necropolis) caused by the romans years and yours ago, so we schedule a visit to them because they are a part of the city’s history.

Your tour in the capital city of morocco will include a visit to the unfinished minaret of the Hassan mosque, a beautiful honey colored, built by al Mohad Yakoub (Jakobe) El Mansour. Visiting the resting place of the Mohamed 5th and the Hassan 2nd. Directly from the resting king’s place, the driver will take you to Kasbahs of Ouidas, a castle that used be an independent city by itself, and then it became a pirates hiding lair.

Day 3: Rabat – Volibilis – Meknes – Fez

Once you have eaten your breakfast at your hotel in Rabat one of the imperial cities. You will start your tour and go on a car-driving trip into a place called Volubilis. The Roman ruins of volubilis, will amaze you by the structures and the mosaics which are, still intact and behold for the visitors. It will take us a short sortie to reach Meknes, the first capital of the Alaouite dynasty during the period of Moulay Idris the 1st, taking some relaxing time in this glamorous archetypal Moroccan city, before traveling to Fes is also one of our plans to make your tour entertaining and exiting. You will probably reach Fes around 19:00 or 20:00 PM.

Day 4: Fez City Tour

Fes city is one of the imperial cities, the cultural capital, one of the iconic oldest medieval Islamic cities around the world. As you are passing by the historical walls and the gates of the city, you will go back in time with your memory and travel beyond years and years of historical achievements of kings and sultans, from different dynasties, who used to rule over Morocco. The 8th century streets have not changed, they still perfectly strong and designed as they used to be before. The high walls protecting the courtyard from the midday hot sun are also a sign of the unique system of designing that Moroccans used to develop. Al the theosophical colleges, beautiful mosques and the captivating souks revealing their goods onto the pavement are all part of the scene. Your walking tour will cover the most interesting places, like ENEJJARINE workshops.

You can also visit the oldest university in the world, AL Qarawiyyin University was built in 859 AD, and it is considered the first scientific institution that established specialized scientific chairs and scientific degrees in the world. As you are walking around the city, you will pass by the merchant’s shop belonging to the 14th century. Finally yet importantly, you will have the chance to have a close look at the Tanneries, where they stain leather in vast striking colored dyes.

Day 5: Fez – Beni Mellal – Marrakech

The trip to imperial cities will start at the morning from the city of Fez into Beni Mellal. Beni tour will be delightful with views of the Mountains that surround the town; the tour will lead us into the waterfalls of Ouzoud, a falling water from a height of 110 meters. The landscapes of Beni Mellal will make you wish that your tour within Beni Mellal would not finish. Before leaving, we will visit Ain Asserdone, the source that fuels Ouzoud with water. We will probably arrive at Marrakech at the afternoon, so your dinner and night stay will be in a Riad.

Day 6: Marrakech City Tour

Your guide will meet at your Riad, and take you for a tour in order to discover and explore the medina of Marrakech. Marrakech has never failed in pleasing its visitors with its historical charming buildings and monuments that satisfy the curiosity of the people who want to discover Morocco. Among the available places to visit, we count for Dgama Al Fna Square, the most prominent Minaret in morocco “El Koutoubia Minaret”, the Menara gardens and the Saadian tombs and the Bahia palace. Our tour will cover a digging tour within the historical old city of Marrakech that belongs to the 11th century, while walking in the old city you will have the chance to try the Moroccan food streets, like tagin (stew), Tangia, Harira…

Day 7: Marrakech airport

The departure of your trip toward the airport depend on the time of your flight. We hope that enjoy your traveling around the Moroccan imperial cities and towns.

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