Morocco 10 Days Tour

Day 1: Marrakech – Casablanca – Rabat

Your Morocco travelling, journey will start immediately from your Riad. Your driver will take you in a car-driving journey that will approximately take 3 hours, into Casablanca city. The tour in Casablanca will cover the United Nations building, a walk in the Mohamed V, and a visit to the Anfa district and the Hassan 2nd mosque lunch at Casablanca. After lunch, we will move toward Rabat. The city is located 1-hour  from Casablanca it was founded by the Phoenicians and the Romans in the 10th century, Rabat does have some ruins (Challah Necropolis) caused by the romans years and yours ago, so we schedule a visit to them because they are a part of the city’s history.

Your tour in the capital city of morocco will include a visit to the unfinished minaret of the Hassan mosque, a beautiful honey colored, built by al Mohad Yakoub (Jakobe) El Mansour. Visiting the resting place of the Mohamed 5th and the Hassan 2nd. Directly from the resting king’s place, the driver will take you to Kasbahs of Ouidas, a castle that used be an independent city by itself, and then it became a pirates hiding lair.

Day 2: Rabat – Volubilis – Meknes – Fez

Once you have eaten your breakfast at your hotel in Rabat, you will start your tour and go on a car-driving trip into a place called Volubis. The Roman ruins of volubilis, will amaze you by the structures and the mosaics which are, still intact and behold for the visitors. It will take us a short sortie to reach Meknes, the first capital of the Alaouite dynasty during the period of Moulay Idris the 1st, taking some relaxing time in this glamorous archetypal Moroccan city, before traveling to Fes is also one of our plans to make your tour entertaining and exiting. You will probably reach Fes around 19:00 or 20:00 PM.

Day3: Fez City Tour

Fes city, the cultural capital, one of the iconic oldest medieval Islamic cities around the world. As you are passing by the historical walls and the gates of the city, you will go back in time with your memory and travel beyond years and years of historical achievements of kings and sultans, from different dynasties, who used to rule over Morocco. The 8th century streets have not changed, they still perfectly strong and designed as they used to be before. The high walls protecting the courtyard from the midday hot sun are also a sign of the unique system of designing that Moroccans used to develop. Al the theosophical colleges, beautiful mosques and the captivating souks revealing their goods onto the pavement are all part of the scene. Your walking tour will cover the most interesting places, like ENEJJARINE workshops.

You can also visit the oldest university in the world, AL Qarawiyyin University was built in 859 AD, and it is considered the first scientific institution that established specialized scientific chairs and scientific degrees in the world. As you are walking around the city, you will pass by the merchant’s shop belonging to the 14th century. Finally yet importantly, you will have the chance to have a close look at the Tanneries, where they stain leather in vast striking colored dyes.

Day 4: Fez – Ifrane – Midelt – Merzouga

At the early morning, we will start making our way through the crowded streets of Fez, and travel toward the calm Atlas Mountains, exactly the charming city of flower and the upper and top rated class of ski resorts. During your tour to Ifrane, you will see the green cedar forest of the Azrou hills. Because the area is left for the wildlife we will probably watch a Barbary Macaque that is living in the forest of Azrou, this area is not only good and suites monkeys but also many rare birds live in the forest of Azrou.

Our second movement will be directed to the Ziz valley, passing by Midelt city, over millions of years there was a river called Ziz River, and this last gave us a place where fresh water gather, the name Ziz valley is derived from the river of Ziz. It is well known that the banks of rivers are the most fertile land for agriculture, so it is the same for the banks of Ziz River and valley. After the Ziz valley exploration, we will head into our next direction Merzouga, passing by the garrison town of Erfoud onto Rissani city that used to flourish between the 8th century and the 14th century. Once we get closer to Merzouga, you will perceive the welcoming vast sandy dunes on the outskirts of Merzouga. You will spend the night in a hotel in Merzouga over the dunes of sand.

 Day 5: Merzouga – tinghir – Bomalne

We recommended you to wake up early in order to enjoy the sunrise over the warm sands, and the panoramic sandy dunes that make the sea sand appears more iconic and charming. After that, we will have our delicious breakfast in a Sahraouian sit, and then we will head into the most monumental Kasbahs in Merzouga, and museum that witness the long history of Merzouga desert. The next direction will be Tinghir city that includes the highest rising stones in Morocco. Todra gorge in Tinghir, are rising 300 m in the sky, the brown rocky hues are beautiful and attractive especially under the sunshine of mourning. Later on, we will travel to the high cliffs of odd shapes of erosions rock in Dades valley. Moreover, we will move into Bomalne valley where we will spend our night and have our dinner.


Day 6: Bomalne – Nkob – Zagora

From Fez, the driver will take you in a long trip passing by different places, the thing that will provide you the exact illustration of the cultural diversity that makes morocco unique. The tour will be a Sahrawi tour, in which you will head into the desert territory, starting with the rocky landscape of Nkob. The views of the valley of Zagora will captivate your attention, the nomadic tents, camps hotels and the amazingly constructed Guesthouses. Dinner and night stay at the hotel.

Day 7: Zagora – Mhamid – Chegaga

The tour will begin at the morning from your hotel at Zagora, and you will visit the Town of Tamgrout where you can visit the library of the holy Quran and the place where students learn the holy Quran, and the biography of the prophet, peace be upon him, when those students graduate they became priests. The trip will carry on and take you into the sandy dunes and the spectacularly desert of Tinfo, Erg Lihoudi, and Chegaga where you will have a camel ride under a captivating and dramatic sunset over the dunes of the golden sands. Dinner and night stay at a nomadic tent.

Day 8: Chegaga – Foum Zguid – Taznakht – Troudant

Digging in the golden sandy dunes of Chegaga, and returning into Zagora. Afterward we will start making our way to the Berber village that is named Taznakht. Taznakht is known for the carpets that it provide for the visitors. Since we are in taznakht the next place that we will pass by is Taliouine city, the prime site of saffron in the Anti Atlas Mountains. Next to Taliouine, there are some Argan Forests, having a single tree of Argan or “the Goat tree as local residents call it” means that the community in Taznakht has a source for moneymaking. After crossing the citrus of Souss and reaching Taroudant, we will have dinner and spend the night at the Guesthouse.

Day 9: Taroudant – Agadir – Essaouira

Breakfast at the hostel and departure at the morning toward Agadir. Among the best places to visit in Morocco. We depict Agadir that receives hundreds of visitors each day. Thanks to many places that attract visitors from different places around the Globe. Agadir city is mostly known for the charming beaches it has. Like Sidi Kaouki beach, with its golden sandy dunes, and the beautiful Taghazoute. The most intended beach in Agadir by surfers. Agadir day tour will be extremely amazing. And you will hope not to leave city due to the very refreshing weather. And the iconic views of the beaches of Agadir.

The day trip in Agadir will not cover only the beautiful beaches of the see. But also will contain a visit to the associations that make Amlo. A delicious Moroccan jar made from pistachio and almond, and the Argan oil. An oil used for many things like using it like a makeup oil that keep the skin bright. After discovering the city of Agadir. Your driver is going to take along the Atlantic Coast to Essaouara city. Where you will spend your night.

Day 10: Essaouira – Marrakech

Visiting Morocco will provide you with charming cities that you might be desired to visit. Like Essaouira city, an adorable town that is set three hours from Marrakech. The mogador city is determined to be a world heritage according to the UNESCO.  Being into Essaouira means that you will enjoy a mixture of amazing views of the ocean. And beach especially under the sunset.

More than that, during your day trip you will be given time to visit the old fish market. Where you can taste fresh grilled fish. And have a walk and discover the seaport of Essaouira. Moving from the city to the other will bring up a cultural diversity. That distinguish Morocco from the other countries. So that you will have a chance to visit the Bazaars in Essaouira. Where you can find precious traditional handmade products. At the same time you will be introduced into the silver craftsmen. And have a look at the carvers workplaces, and see how Moroccans used to made their furniture, materials… While heading into Essaouira? you will have the chance to see ghosts climbing the Argan trees. Which will amaze you, and give a special taste to your tour. At the afternoon, you will travel into Marrakech.

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