ouzoud falls tour

Whenever you check the Moroccan tourist brochure, you will find pictures of some waterfalls called “Ouzoud waterfalls”. Ouzoud are 3 hours ride from your hotel in Marrakesh. Your day tour in Ouzoud falls will be as refreshing as a cozy of ice cream because of the views you will watch. The falling water from a height of 100 meters are just so amazing showing you the best plot for taking pictures. Under the Gorge, you will find countless series of poles that contains the falling water in a charming piece of art drawn by the power of nature.

After that, you will have your lunch at one of the restaurants that exist in Ouzoud waterfalls, offering delicious males like tagin (stew).  Moreover Ouzoud waterfalls is one of the best places for bird watchers around the world for several reasons such as, Ouzoud falls are the home of families of Barbary apes and other variety of other native avian species, which, attract many visitors and amaze them.

After exploring Ouzoud falls, you can have a tea session in one of the Berber guesthouses that exist in ouzod, while doing so you will be able to reflect on the Moroccan decorations and styles of siting up their houses,expected return to Marrakesh at 5 pm. Your desert tour in morocco agency, hope you spend the best time touring morocco.

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