Camel Ride Morocco

Camel ride morocco is one of the best things to do when you visit Marrakech, So that we will be giving it the first half of the day. Your driver guide will take you straight away from your hotel to the palm groves. Where you will skip the crowded streets, and the hustle of the traditional markets of Marrakech. Your tour at the relaxing palm groves is planed only for experiencing camel ride in Marrakech palmeraie.

After arriving at the palm groves, the team worker will hosts you with a refreshing cup of mint tea. With local herbs inside a traditional Berber tents. Or in the shadows of the palm trees. Before going on the camel caravan, the team worker  will dress you up with local clothes and Sahrawi outfits. To make your experience more delightful. And similar to the daily camel ride of the old desert. Locals who used to transfer from place to the other by camel convoys.

During the camel ride in morocco. The atmosphere of the desert and the Sahrawi clothes will guarantee you the best charming set up for making memorial pictures. The rest of the day if you would like you can spend it discovering the old city of Marrakech or you can have a relaxing spa or hammam a ( type of the Moroccans bathrooms) ,for further information about the Moroccan HAMMAM visit our website your desert tour in morocco and check the blogs. . Your desert tour in morocco agency, hope you spend the best time touring morocco.

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