Ourika Valley Morocco

Ourika valley is considered one of the places that receives hundreds of visitors. Either native Moroccans who want to escape the routines of the city. And have some leisure time, or visitors from abroad who visit morocco in order to spend their holidays. And discover the Moroccan culture and the touristic places in ourika valley.

The ourika valley attract the visitors and hook their attention by its green gardens. And the atmosphere of hospitality they produce,your lunch in ourika valley will take place at one of the local restaurants that exist in Ourika  ,the terraces there are overlooking natural views.

After lunch time in ourika valley. You will have a camel ride tour, there for you can experience one of the old means of transportation ,that Arabs depend on in traveling across the deserts,your day tour in Ourika , cannot be complete without walking between the waterfalls of stti fadma, and make memorial pictures in the dramatic views. Your desert tour in morocco agency, hope you spend the best time touring morocco.

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