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One of the most popular attractions on Morocco tours is the Sahara Desert, where visitors can take a camel ride to experience the vast and awe-inspiring sand dunes. Other popular activities include hiking in the Atlas Mountains, visiting traditional Berber villages, and exploring the colorful markets and souks that are scattered throughout the country.

No one can deny that the Moroccan cuisine has settled its place among the best cuisines in the world. Rating the cuisine of morocco, and considering it one of the best cuisines in the world, does not come from nothing. In other words, foods and drinks that have originated in morocco. Captivate everyone tastes them, and make them want to experience the Moroccan foods and drinks repeatedly. 

Among the famous foods in morocco. We depict Tagin a delicious combination of meat, or chicken. With seasoning vegetables cocked in a concave pot made from earthenware. In addition to some spices that make the Tagin taste delicious. The Moroccan cuisine includes many other delicious foods. Like Couscous that is made of semolina and fresh vegetables. That are cocked with lamb or chicken meat in a saucepan. 

In addition to Couscous, there is tagin of the seafood, the tangia of Marrakech, the Moroccan Harira, Al Bastila. And many other meals that you will adore during your stay in Morocco. It does not only captivate and amaze its visitor with foods. But also with special drinks like tea mint, or tea with local herbs. Almond milk is another Moroccan drink that is made from ground almonds. That is socked in water with some sugar according to your preference. 

Since we are mentioned the Moroccan food. There is no harm to talk a little bit about the Moroccan table manners. For Moroccans eating with the right hand is necessary. Unless you have a special clue or you are using a knife and fork. More than that, it is inappropriate to eat what is in front of the others who eat from the same plate. When your mouth is full do not try to speak because Moroccans consider that act disrespectful.

As visitors coming from western societies. It is important to know that drinking alcohol in public is banned due to the restriction of morocco. As an Islamic country, but do not worry because wine can be legally served in hotels and bars.

During your vacation in Morocco, you will have as many ways of accommodation as you can experience. There are divers hosteling structures in morocco, like Riads. Riads are usually old houses that have been repaired in order to host visitors.

 A Riad is a construction that is made of two floors, in front of the Riad there are always pools, green courtyards, and trees that belong to the region where the Riad is located. Riades normally have few rooms from three into eight rooms in each floor, they are also so symbolic, in which they represent the culture of morocco and the tradition of the city or town where they are located. Riads are normally located in the old part of the city, “the old medina” in the Moroccan expression. 

If you are interested in Riads, we recommend you to visit the ones of the Imperial cities like Fez, Rabat, and Marrakech… Hotels in Morocco are not different from the ones of Europe or any other country. Auberges are another way of housing in the rural areas, in which they are built in the style of Kasbahs. Do not worry during your Morocco tour you will find as many Guesthouses as you want, especially those of the deserts and the rural areas that will make you enjoy the calm and relaxing setup of those hosteling manners.

There is nothing to worry about when it comes to safety of tourists in Morocco. Because wherever you go you will find many copes in the major cities. So that the incidents of robbery are fewer. 

For your own safety, we advise you not to pass by the suspicious alleys. In addition to that, if you hire a guide please make sure that he/she is an official guide. by asking them to show you a badge given to them by the local authority

Before visiting morocco, please conduct your personal doctor if you have any chronic disease, and make sure that you pick your medicines with you. Yet, we do not want you to worry about that because there are many private clinics and public hospitals in case you feel ill. 

When we are about going in long trips and tours it is a good idea to take pain relievers, stomach settlers, insect bite creams with you in case you are used to them.


There are three main companies of telecommunication in morocco. Maroc telecom, Orange and Inwi. You can buy a card sim and charge it either for getting data connections or for calling somebody. The card sim will work as long as it is activated on your phone.

In fact, there are two official languages in Morocco the dialectical Arabic and the Berber language. This last is not the language of all the Moroccans yet, 10 million Moroccan speaks it fluently especially those of the rural communities. 

In addition to Arabic and Berber variation. There are other foreign languages like French, mostly spoken in the conferences of the Government, Spanish and the English language are spoken in the touristic organizations.

For visitors from Europe, USA, and other countries where internet network is faster and efficient, they will notice the difference between the internet in Morocco and their mother country… However, Riads, Hotels, Guest houses are providing good Wifi network for the visitors, because buying a card sim upon your arrival will cost you 10dh an hour more than that the internet will be slow and weak. If you love to stay online and in touch with the news of the world during your morocco tour, the drivers have 3G network and they will be happy to share it with you.

  • Arab Name:Al Maghreb (The West)
  • Political Capital:Rabat
  • Economic Capital:Casablanca (the largest city in term of population and physical scale)
  • Political Leader:King Mohammed VI; Constitutional Monarchy
  • Area:445,050 km2
  • Population:40 million
  • Official Language:Arabic
  • Popular Spoken Languages:Dialectal Arabic, Berber, French, and Spanish. Moroccans do speak many foreign languages like Spanish, Italian, and English that has been recently added as a school subject, so you will not have a difficulty in your communication with the majority of people.
  • Religion:Islam
  • Currency:Dirham
  • Calling Code:212
  • Electrical Voltage220v, sockets take 2-pronged European style plugs.
  • Health:No vaccinations are required for Morocco travel. We advise you to have a bottle of water in your hand whenever you get out.

There are many international airports in Morocco, located in different cities. The largest airport exists in Casablanca; the Mohamed V airport serves direct flights from different places around the world from the United State (New York) Canada (Montreal) and all the European countries, and other countries. Royal airlines of Morocco you can go wherever you want, as there are many daily flights from Morocco into Europe and the Middle East.

 In addition to Casablanca airport, Marrakech Menara airport, Agadir airport and the ones of Fez and Tangir are also promoting flights from and into Europe with low costs. We are glad to tell you, that there are small airports that can help you tour Morocco in the easiest and coolest way, among the well-known ones; we depict Ouarzazate, Al Hoceima, Dakhla, Errachidia and other airports. Is there any other way to get to Morocco? Yes, there ARE ferries that transport people from Spain, through Gibraltar between Algeciras Ceuta and Tanger, into Morocco. 

You can find many ports that cover the area between Morocco and Spain, for further information about the rout and details of the journey in the ferry please check Many companies provide ferries, so you will have as many ferries transportation as you want, in addition, you are not obliged to book your ticket before the day that you want to travel, yet we advise you to book your ticket at least one day before, during summer days. 

The ferries are available all day long from 10:00 am to 12:00, each thirty minutes there will be a ferry. Tangir is famously known by the ferries transportation, and the ports that it has. In Tangir, there is the old port that is located for about 5 minutes in a taxi to the station that serves ferries transportation, the other port (MED) is sit for 45 minutes from the city of Tangir. In addition, there is a bus connects the two ports with each other, the white bus transfer travelers freely, and all that it requires is just the ferry ticket.

The currency of the Moroccan Kingdom is Dirham (MAD). Before entering Morocco, you should know that Dirhams are not internationally traded, so you cannot obtain the Moroccan currency from abroad in a legal way, because it is very difficult and the rate of the exchange is so high. If you would like to obtain Dirhams while touring Morocco in the easily and legally, you have many ATMs all around Morocco, moreover, there are many exchange office in all the major cities and even the airport. Please note that Euros are widely accepted in Morocco as payments, yet the remaining change might be returned to you as Dirhams. 

Credit cards are also, accepted in the main tourist centers with a surcharge of about 5% drawn from the businesses based in Morocco. It must be noted that once you have finished touring Morocco you must sell the Moroccan Dirham that you have because you will not be able to trade them in your country. For further information, please use universal currency converter.


What kind of clothes should you wear when you visit Morocco? It is necessary to know what to dress, when you visit an Islamic country like Morocco. For the major cities like Agadir, Marrakech, Casablanca, Fez… where citizens are used to see tourists, there is no harm in wearing knee skirts for women and shorts for men. 

However, in the rural areas and the countryside it is highly recommended to wear tall skirts for women, because people in the rural areas are very conservative and they consider legs and shoulders private organs. Therefore, please in order to prevent any unexpected problem focus on the way you dress. 

When it comes to clothing, we advise you to put on a hat in order to save your head from the sun hit during summer, whereas in winter you must dress warm clothes so that you are not going to catch a cold, while in autumn and spring you can decide what you will put on depending on the weather. Finally yet importantly, note that the weather change from place to the other so please make sure to be well prepared for everything.

When it comes to giving Tips you have to ask about how much to give and when you can tip, and when you do not have to. If you are traveling in an organized tour around Morocco For example tipping the guide and the drivers starts from 8% to 10% according to your satisfaction. For cities guide and trekking, the tip we recommend is between 300 to 500 Dirhams, but we discourage giving tips to children for any reason. One more thing, do not take pictures with anyone from the locals without taking permission because they will ask you for tip.

 You will also meet children who run toward your car whenever you stop at some local places, those children will probably ask you for candy, pens or even money please do not give anything because they will stick to this bad habit and spend most of the time guarding the routs instead of being to school. If you want to donate, there are local schools for example that will accept your donations.

Morocco is rich with many items that you might fall in love with; ancient markets reveal their goods in traditional shops (Bazars in the Moroccan expression) or eve on the pavement. The Moroccan market promote many traditional goods like: Moroccan carpets, spices, textile & yarn, metal ware, jewelry, woodwork and much more. Note that the shopkeepers in morocco are very skillful in bargaining. 

For example, when you want to buy a handmade product, the first thing you do is to ask about the price. The seller will tell you doubles and doubles of the actual price so do not be shy to interfere and discus the price until you reach the price that you feel it satisfy you. If you do not feel that the product and the price does not suits you, there is no problem to leave the shop and look for another shop.

Moroccans are very conservative when it comes to their tradition and culture, so that you will see people ware traditional Moroccan clothes. Moving from a city to another in morocco may seem like moving from country to the other because of the cultural diversity that make morocco unique. For Moroccans culture stand for identity so that you will see them protecting their norms and ethnicity by not letting it to vanish due to the globalization effects. 

What you should know, is that Morocco as an Islamic country prohibit non-Muslims from entering to mosque. For Muslims the mosque is a sacred place, so that they prohibit the entry of non-Muslims Yet, do not worry there are few exceptions like the Hassan II mosque, Mohammed V Mausoleum in Rabat, and Moulay Ismail Mausoleum in Meknes that welcome different people even if they are not Muslims. Finally yet importantly, you must note that Moroccans usually do not drink alcohol, so that please do not offer any Moroccan alcohol! In addition to that, alcohol are only served in bars and hotels in a legal way.

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