Essaouira Day Tour

Visiting Morocco will provide you with charming cities that you might be desired to visit. Like Essaouira city, an adorable town that is set three hours from Marrakech. The mogador city is determined to be a world heritage by UNESCO. Like all the other old Medinas in Morocco. Essaouira is protected by a wall that belongs to the 16TH century.

Being into Essaouira, means that you will enjoy a mixture of amazing views of the ocean and beach. Especially under the sunset. During your day trip, you will be given time to visit the old fish market. Where you can taste fresh grilled fish. And have a walk and discover the seaport of Essaouira.

Moving from city into the other will bring up a cultural diversity that distinguish Morocco from the other countries, so that you will have a chance to visit the Bazaars in Essaouira, where you can find precious traditional handmade products, at the same time you will be introduced into the silver craftsmen, and have a look at the carvers workplaces, and see how Moroccans used to made their furniture, materials…

while heading into Essaouira, you will have the chance to see ghosts climbing the Argan trees, which will amaze you and give a special taste to your tour. Visiting the associations where Argan oil is produced will also take place in your tour in Essaouira. Your desert tour in morocco agency, hope you spend the best time touring morocco.

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